Will my print colours be the same as I see on my computer screen?

No. This is because the image you see on your screen is made up of RGB colours and your screen is in effect a big light bulb, so what you see is called additive colour. As paper cannot be illuminated, the ink colours do not have the benefit of enhancement by light, thus making them brighter (commonly referred to as subtractive colour). We do however calibrate our printers to ensure the best colour range possible. Many cameras also show a colour cast i.e. slightly yellow, or blue for instance. If in doubt we recommend you order a proof. If you do not order a proof you will be agreeing to accept any final prints unchecked.

What are crop marks and bleed?


Bleed is a very important element that must be taken into consideration when creating any printed piece. Bleed refers to any artwork where colour is going to the edge of the page. You must provide additional colour or image outside the cut area. This is done to ensure that there is no white paper showing around the edge of a printed piece. We would also advise text and borders etc. be around 5mm away from the edge of the printed piece.

Crop Marks

Crop marks refer to little lines that show the operator cutting down each sheet where to cut.

Can I get a proof?

Yes you can but we would need to charge a little extra, please call us to discuss.

Can I get my job same day or next day?

Yes, we aim to dispatch orders as quickly as possible. Some orders can be completed the same day, others due to the processes involved take longer. Please call to discuss.

What are your opening hours?

Mon – Fri 9am – 5.00pm, out of hours printing can be arranged.

Have you got customer parking?

Yes, there is parking available on site for a number of vehicles

Can Printbox create artwork?

Yes we offer a full design service if required. Otherwise we would need a print ready file supplied.

My file is too big to email?

No problem, there is an upload tab on our website to send us files up to 200mb. If your files are larger or you prefer you can use one of the file transfer websites such as wetransfer, mailbigfile, dropbox etc

What size do I need to supply artwork for large format banners or posters?

You can supply the file 4 times smaller in order for it to be easier and quicker to process. ie; a 2 metre x 1 metre banner can be supplied at 500mm x 250mm, we can then scale it up, without losing any quality.

Can I come and talk to you in person?

Yes you are very welcome to pop in, one of our experienced staff will be more than happy to help and advise you.

Will you check that my leaflet folds correctly?

Yes anything that has a fold or perforation will be checked before the whole job is run, and if there are any queries we will contact you for clarification.

I’ve placed my order but just noticed a mistake on my artwork?

It is very important that you ensure that all information is correct before you place your order. But unfortunately mistakes do happen. If you do find that you have made a mistake it is very important that you contact us immediately. We want you to be happy so if your job has not been processed then there will be no charge and we will await your new file(s). If however your job has been completed or processed then unfortunately we would need to charge you the extra.

Can I speak to someone over the phone?

Yes, you can call us and speak to one of our experienced staff who will be happy to help you, our working hours are Mon – Fri 9am – 5.00pm

Will you print my file without checking it?

No, we will always check your files before we print. If we find anything wrong with them in terms of quality, position, size etc. we will always contact you and advise you on the best way to sort it. If you can’t, we will offer a solution. Unfortunately we don’t check for any grammatical and spelling errors.

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